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“Crimes of opportunity” rise with the weather temperature in Eugene

by Jaculynn Peterson on July 3, 2009

ThievesNotWelcome Reports of “crimes of opportunity” are on the rise, along with the high temperatures, in Eugene. Eugene Police say that residents who leave their windows and doors open in order to cool their homes may also be tempting thieves.

Reports are being received from victims who left windows open at night and discovered missing items in the morning. However, crimes of opportunity are not limited to the night-time hours either. 

Note these tips to help protect your home and property – during the day or night:

  • Keep purses, laptops and other valuable and easy-to-carry-away items out of sight from doors or windows; make sure they are not easily accessible to a criminal making a quick snatch.
  • Don’t leave windows or doors ajar unless there is a locking mechanism to prevent them from being opened wide enough to allow entry.
  • When relaxing and enjoying your backyard or hosting a barbecue on the patio, don’t leave the front or side door open or unlocked as thieves may take the opportunity for a quick grab.
  • Make sure that window-mounted air conditioners and fans are securely attached.
  • Remember to be careful about leaving your garage doors open, as it will invite thieves to take property from the garage and, if the door from the garage to the house is unlocked, enter the home as well.

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