UPDATE: April 2011 – MyEugene is now a partner in The Oregonian News Network.

Your stories are welcome here.

Launched in January 2009, MyEugene is Eugene’s first web-based, community-driven news site.

MyEugene features stories that were created or suggested by the people of Eugene—for the people of Eugene. Currently we have 21 registered Guest Contributors and about 36 non-registered volunteer contributors.

MyEugene also covers micro-news topics and neighborhood happenings that are not covered by other local media organizations.

MyEugene’s purpose:

  • To share community-driven news and happenings
  • To feature neighborhood stories not reported elsewhere
  • To publish stories submitted by community members
  • To inspire civic engagement
  • To provide a channel for community voices and a means for large-scale conversation

We embrace citizen journalism – not to make our job easier – but to empower the people of Eugene.

And MyEugene is most definitely NOT about “Left or Right.”

Jaculynn Peterson

p.s. If you haven’t heard of “citizen journalism,” here’s a primer or you can watch this 26-second video.